MYOS Reports Positive Top-Line Clinical Study Results of Foretropin™, Led by Jacob Wilson, Ph.D. CSCS*D at the University of Tampa

In April 2014, we announced a clinical study of Fortetropin™ on resistance-trained males, led by Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., CSCS*D, Assistant Professor and Director of the Skeletal Muscle and Sports Nutrition Laboratory of the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance at The University of Tampa.

After evaluating 45 male subjects adhering to a supervised nutritional intake program and a monitored modest resistance training regimen over a period of twelve weeks, we are pleased to announce that the subjects taking Fortetropin showed significantly improved lean body mass and increased muscle size when compared to placebo testing.

Dr. Wilson commented, "The data from the study conducted in our human performance laboratory clearly demonstrates that Fortetropin resulted in significant muscle gains in recreationally trained individuals. Males taking daily supplements of Fortetropin and exercising twice per week showed impressive gains in muscle growth and lean body mass, which are both key components for overall health and longevity. I believe that more frequent resistance training supplemented by Fortetropin may potentially produce even greater gains in muscle health."

Robert Ashton, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of MYOS added, "We are very pleased with the results of this important clinical study. The University of Tampa trial data further supports use of Fortetropin in individuals who seek to build and retain healthy lean muscle. We believe this data will have major implications in age-management and may address an unmet need for treatment options in muscle disorders including age-associated muscle loss and in the management of muscle loss associated with many chronic illnesses."

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