Our Strategy

Our strategy is to understand the complex genetic and molecular pathways regulating muscle mass and function, as well as other disease mechanisms. Understanding the impact of complex regulatory pathways which act to build and maintain healthy lean muscle is central to our company’s pioneering biotherapeutic discovery science. This research is the foundation of our bionutritional product development. MYOS RENS is developing nutritional products that target specific mechanisms to promote health in ways that cannot be met by other treatments, diets or lifestyle changes.

Commercial Strategy

MYOS RENS’ commercial strategy will blend broad reach mediums and leverage key opinion leaders to communicate the product benefit

Brand / Product
  • Commercial brand and graphic identity in progress
    • Product samples produced, and co-man selection process underway
    • Initial products with organic ingredients to solidify positive nutrition credential
Social / Digital / Print
  • Key Mediums for efficient and broad reach
    • High targetability and visual benefit depiction (Before / After)
  • Communicate quality of the science behind Fortetropin® via key opinion leaders such as Bob Hariri, Louis Aronne, Caroline Apovian and Robert Ashton
  • Additional opportunity to leverage NFL alumni to heighten interest
Distribution Channels
  • Drug Stores
  • Natural
  • Supplement: GNC, Vitamin Shoppe


  • Fortetropin® is exclusively manufactured for MYOS RENS using a proprietary patent protected process
  • Fortetropin® is manufactured in modern state-of-the-art facilities utilizing advanced technologies and high standards of quality
  • Full compliance with US and EU regulatory requirements
  • MYOS RENS’ supplier is a world class organization with broad analytical and engineering capabilities for innovative food technologies
  • Validating secondary and tertiary source manufacturing
  • Outsourcing our manufacturing allows MYOS RENS to utilize its capital towards R&D and new product development