Our Approach

At MYOS RENS we see our  greatest contribution to society being grounded in our commitment to discover and develop innovative therapeutic and nutritional products which help maximize the health and performance of muscle.   These values guide our product development, our relationship with our partners and consumers, physicians and their patients, our community and our environment.


Environment and Product Development

MYOS RENS will seek to identify  ways to reduce carbon emissions as well as manufacture and market its’ products using sustainable technologies.   We seek to consolidate production to reduce energy use in shipping and manufacturing.   And we seek to use production facilities which comply with the highest standards in conservation.  Our packaging is made of recycled material and all the inks and colorings are biodegradable.

Further, we ensure that the natural resources we employ in our bionutritional products are maintained according to the highest standards.


MYOS RENS takes its mission of muscle health seriously.  That’s why we sponsor a wide variety of health related events and support organizations dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life through fitness and rehabilitation. We encourage you to submit a proposal or idea that we can get behind. Please contact us.


Transparency and Patient Education

We pride ourselves on developing products that are supported by scientific research that everyone can access.  We seek to communicate our science through peer-reviewed channels and we welcome research partners interested in working with our products and clinical data consistent with all state and federal privacy laws.

We also believe that this is the age of the empowered patient.   Our products are part of a lifestyle to promote extended healthy aging by reducing sarcopenia.  To this end we offer links to third party information that individuals can use to understand the role of myostatin and our products in improving muscle function along with exercise.

We want patients and doctors to help us conduct and create studies of our product that are important to them and measure the outcomes that matter most.

We are in the process of developing an online MYOS RENS research community and look forward to the public’s involvement.  If you are interested in learning more about our initiative, follow us on our social media sites.  Or send us an email address where we can send you updates.

Our Employees and Partners

  • Treat all colleagues with the dignity and respect they are entitled to
  • Commit to equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of race, disability, gender (including gender re-assignment), age, religion or belief and sexual orientation; enabling us to make the best and most effective decisions and to fully utilize the talents of all colleagues
  • Consider our economic, social and environmental impacts, and encourage our colleagues to adopt responsible behavior
  • Inspire and develop our colleagues and ensure we support our local community
  • Commit to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Address the need to adopt socially and environmentally responsible behavior
  • Lead by example in promoting equality, diversity and human rights