The Government's Bad Diet Advice

Written by Nina Teicholz Originally published by The New York Times on February 20, 2015. FOR two generations, Americans ate fewer eggs and other animal products because policy makers told them that fat and cholesterol were bad for their health. Now both dogmas have been debunked in quick succession. First, last fall, experts on the committee that develops the country’s dietary


Raw Eggs and No Husband Since '38 Keep Her Young at 115

Written by Elisabetta Povoledo Originally published by The New York Times on February 14, 2015. VERBANIA, Italy — Celebrity came late to Emma Morano. Her routine life, in fact, might have raised barely an eyebrow were it not for the fact that she’s managed to hold on to it for so long. At 115 years and nearly three months, Ms. Morano is the oldest person in Europe, the fifth


US egg consumption grows for a fifth consecutive year

Originally published by WORLD POULTRY on February 4, 2015 Consumer demand for eggs in the US continued its impressive growth in 2014, the American Egg Board has reported. "USDA reports that per capita egg consumption grew to 260.7 in 2014, which is the highest in 30 years, and marks the fifth consecutive year that egg consumption has increased," the International Egg Commission president and CEO,