Fortetropin® Testimonials

I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with Fortetropin and how your product has changed my life. I found out about MYOS Corp. and their product Frotetropin, from a good friend in the spring of 2015 while on a trip together. At that time I was extremely overweight, suffering from numbness in my hands and legs, having a difficult time sleeping, you could say all issues that would affect someone with being overweight. I began to take Fortetropin in April and combined it with healthy eating habits and exercise. Prior to taking Fortetropin I visited with my family doctor as he listed all the items that have been complicated because of my weight including elevated sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure, and coupled with the numbness in my hands and legs I needed to make a change. Within days I began to feel different, I felt this time I was going to achieve my weight loss goal and get healthier. My goal was to lose 100 pounds and to rebuild the lean muscle I lost from an inactive lifestyle. Day by day I followed a routine of diet, exercise and incorporating Fortetropin. Within two months the numbness in my legs and hands went away, I was losing weight and began to notice the return of muscle definition in my shoulders, legs and arms. I began to sleep better, I was less tired and cravings began to dissipate. I was on my way. As the summer and fall progressed the weight began to melt off, I was seeing muscles that I thought were long gone and more importantly I was seeing a measurable difference. Fast forward seven months and today I’ve lost 88 pounds (12 from my goal), I feel like I’m in my twenties and friends are blown away from my results. I followed up with my family doctor, and after his initial shock on the dramatic improvement, ordered new tests. The results were impressive, sugar within normal range, triglycerides within range, cholesterol great and the process of removing me from blood pressure medicine had begun. I was told to keep doing what I was doing! Today I’m well on my way to being healthy and Fortetropin has played a major role in giving me the resources to get me there. I cannot thank you all enough for developing this product and what this has meant to me and my family. 

John Palladino

Just wanted to give you an update on my progress with using Fortetropin products which I love by the way. Been using Fortetropin Mon-Friday the days I train pretty intensely with weights. Since using Fortetropin I have increased by weight in lbs by at least 5lbs for pretty much every weight training exercise I am doing. I played around with the time of day I take the supplement and have been taking at night which I like. I pretend it’s my sweet tooth satisfier. Anyway thought you would like to hear my great results. I am getting compliments at the gym that I look awesome too. Not bad for a 59 year old!!


My name is Kevin. I am 47 years old. 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. This is an illness that effects the muscles by not allowing them to regenerate. There is no known treatment or cure for it.

Over the 7 years, I was reduced to using a wheelchair, unable to stand, and unable to do any exercises without extreme pain and fatigue.

5 months ago, I started taking Fortetropin and right away, began to notice slight muscle development. I started a basic workout regimen, and begun to see muscle growth in the areas affected by my illness. I was unable to use a stationary bike, but now thanks to Fortetropin, I am using not only a stationary bike but I am also up to using weights for my arms. The Fortetropin, along with a Ketogenic diet, and regular exercise has created dramatic changes and increase in my muscle mass. It is a great product. It has given me hope in a situation where hope was nonexistent.


Kevin (Florida)

Plain and simple. Dosing had to be more frequent , and if you research enough those that find results in this simple supplement used higher doses. Best that I found was one heaping scoop Q 12 hrs Bid. Or 2 times a day. I took my dose at 9pm after dinner time before bed and another at 10 am. 13 hrs later. It supposed to climax with lowest levels of myostatin at 12 hrs. I want to continue those levels indefinitely when I still have supplement left. Really the only you can see results is to keep your body running on low myostatin levels. So without further or do is it worth it? yes.

I did not change the frequency of my work outs. I am in the military so I'd pt in the morning, most of the time it was some calisthenics and cardio, nothing crazy. Than later in the afternoon id hit the gym for 1.5 hours of lifting, I sometimes used pre-workout if I needed the extra boost on days I felt tired. So for 1.5 months i followed a routine of mostly 2 a days 4-5 days (pt wasn't hard lifting) a week with alternating work out each day. First week of taking myo-x once every 12 hours. I would assume it was a loading faze for my body to get used to it. I started noticing a difference both in strength and some noticeable solid gains. As the weeks went by I could feel a difference as well. I started lifting more a lot sooner, than I had in the past when I was dedicated. I could max- out 315 3 reps by the end of 3rd week. I only could barely push 2 out before when I was dedicated lifting in the past. 4th week I was pushing more weight across the board, and just using bench as an example as everyone who lifts always uses bench as a focal point lol . I was benching 315 5 rep max. By week 6. I had noticeable muscle mass gains, and strength. I went from 220 to 230 in weight, and had less fat more muscle. Leg press 8 reps from 225-365. Bench 2 reps of 315 to 7 reps 315. Arm curls 12 reps 35-50. Scull crushers 12 reps of 95-130.

Side note: strangely at night when I took my dose. It helped me sleep sounded, almost too much! My wife started complaining that I snored so much. After I got off of it she noticed a difference.

Marcus Taylor

I have plantar fascitis in my left heel and it basically took me out of basketball and a lot of leg lifts in the gym. after taking this product for one 30 day cycle I was back on the court. This product is definitely one of the best products that MHP has put on the market.

Daniel Hughes

Ive been body building for 23 years now. I can honestly say at 45 years old. This product really works. I noticed that even when I worked out just on cables. My muscle were still getting bigger. Days later I would still feel like i just got done working out. At 45 years old i notice my body changing and not for the better. For the past year i have had trouble with putting muscle back on when I wanted to. About a week or so after using myo x, i really notice a difference. I would recommend this product to anyone having trouble putting on muscle. I'm not a company or anything like that. This is a real customer with a re review!


I've been using Myo-X for quite some time with my clients: from bodybuilders and models to weight loss clients, and I have consistently gotten great results. I can only judge a product by my own measure, and with nearly a dozen men that I have trained and managed and incorporated this product into their regimen, I can confidently say that it has lived up to its advertising!

Michael Shaw "Miguel"

I will go through exercise phases where I hardly work out for a few months then really hit the gym hard for a few months. I have been using this stuff off & on for just over a year now & noticed that when I do use it I am sore for only a few days compared to a week or more. I feel like it helps me tone quicker too. Tastes good compared to other stuff I have tried. Sometimes I throw it in a shake, sometimes I just eat it dry.

UPDATE 3/22/14: Ive been going to the gym 1-2 times a week for 45 min. & have doubled my dose of this (1x in am, 1x in pm) & have noticed pretty significant results. My biceps are much more firm and have more tone, I can fit into pants I haven't been able to fit into for 2 years but have also put on 12 lbs since Jan, the cellulite on my legs & rear is mostly gone, & my whole body feels more firm. A friend who works out with me hasn't noticed much change in her tone or weight. I really love this stuff!!


Ok, I am 38 years old, and have been working out in some fashion for about 20 years. After being at about the same levels strength-wise for years I tried this and I went up 4 reps on my bench and so much on the leg sled that I can't fit enough weights on it to use it anymore (not trying to sound like a meat head, it's not a sled that fits a ton of weight, but regardless I have used it for years and this never happened). Improvements occurred over a noticeably short time frame too, so I don't think it's any kind of placebo effect or product of wishful thinking.


I originally took this product to increase muscle mass in the gym. After 3 months of consistent use, an unexpected change occurred in my body. Being a 69 year old female and suffering with various age related maladies including severe IBS, I began to improve. Now a year has gone by and the IBS has gotten to the point that I can lead a normal life without having to stick close to bathrooms. I have kept in contact with the company President, updated my progress with him and urged him to set up further studies on age related medical problems........BTW, EVERY time I go to the gym, I am able to add either reps or weights to my lifting routine. I have 2 new knees and a new hip. My lifts are somewhat modified to accommodate old rota-tor cuff injuries as well, but I have already "maxed out" 2 machines. I highly recommend this product!!!!

Joyce B. Dunlap

I have been using MYO-X for three months (as directed) and think that it is the best new supplement. You don't perceive its effectiveness while working out but in the past three months I have seen gains that I have not In my whole life of body building. I am 49 and I can still build muscle thanks to this supplement. Thank MYO-X!!!!!!

Linda A. Oberlander

Been on Myo X for about 2 weeks. Have not changed my routine and am not taking any other products. Took about 3 days before noticing anything different. Felt fuller on or about day 3 and also saw weight increasing on scale. Not a drastic increase but before Myo X, pretty much steady at the same weight. Up about 4lbs so far. Didn't see a strength increase right away but am up on all lifts at the end of week 2. For example, what I've been squatting for 5 reps, was able to get 8 last leg day. Recovery is much better as well. Normally pretty sore after leg day, especially 2 days after and now much less noticeable. No side effects at all at this point. So far, really impressed with Myo X as far as muscle fullness, strength, and recovery goes. Not sure how or why this has been working so well and so quickly but will definitely continue taking as long as these results keep coming.


I am in my 50s and have been a gym rat since my days as a college athlete. But every year it gets harder and harder to even maintain - no matter how hard I train.  I've tried a lot of different supplements to help get my edge back.  A year ago I started  MYO-X (Fortetropin) and have been a fan ever since.  Within a week I was seeing a difference in the gym because I had recovered better.  Within a month I could see the difference in the mirror.  And unlike a lot of other supplements I've tried, there were no "buzzy' side effects.  

Eric Leaver
Age 54
Oakland, CA

I’ve been a personal trainer for 6 years. At this time I am the Director of Personal Training at MacFitness in Kingston, N.Y.

I am a former athlete and have been involved in fitness in some shape or foremost of my life. As a trainer I have been exposed to hundreds of members and clients over the years.

My clients needs have ranged from simple weight loss to preparing for the NFL and everything in between. I am responsible for the evaluation and nutrition information in our clubs.

I began taking MYO (Fortetropin) about 6 weeks ago. Having used many different supplements in my life I was a little skeptical of what my results and progress might be. I am now a believer in MYO.

My results started almost immediately! I felt great energy in my workouts. My endurance began to grow. I was having more intense workouts AND was able to maintain that intensity throughout my workouts. I no longer worry about burning out. Sounds crazy but every week I’m getting stronger…and I don’t mean a little at a time. Lol. People keep asking me  if I’m losing weight. FACT is I’ve lost No weight! My body composition is constantly dropping even though my cardio has been minimal! Here is the best part. Before Myo I had a lot of joint pain because of previous surgeries and injuries. Sometimes they would prevent me from working out or reduce what I could do. Those days are done. Not once in the past 6 weeks have I had a subpar workout.

I am excited to see how far the MYO ride is going to take me!



Have been using the Myo for a week and a few workouts. Bottom line: it works. Personal bests throughout entire workout: both the push (chest/shoulder/tris) and pull (back/biceps) days. Excellent, product as described. 

Nicholas Kirk
Managing Director
The Hickory Group, LLC