Why MYOS? One-on-One With CMO Dr. Robert Ashton

Today we introduce Dr. Robert Ashton, Chief Medical Officer at MYOS Corporation. Ashton has an extensive background in general and thoracic surgery and focusing on cardiovascular disease, oncology, obesity, transplantation and chronic degenerative diseases. Over the course of his career, Ashton says, “I realized that muscle is really an important component to health in general, so I started taking care of my patients that way.”

Why MYOS? After speaking with MYOS founder Dr. Robert Hariri, Ashton realized that MYOS and the physiology of muscle is the future. “I realized that I wanted to be a part of that!”

At MYOS, working closely with other scientific board members and the team, Ashton looks at the overall science and clinical trials being conducted by MYOS.  Find out more about current clinical trials MYOS is conducting as well as what’s coming up in the near future as we go one-on-one with Dr. Robert Ashton on our YouTube channel.