Why MYOS? One-on-One With Maghsoud Dariani, Director of Science & Technology Research

Meet Maghsoud Dariani, the director of science and technology research at MYOS Corporation. Dariani, a biochemical engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, has more than 30 years of diverse management experience in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Having worked off and on with MYOS founder Dr. Robert Hariri for more than 15 years, Dariani was thrilled to have the opportunity to work together once more when Hariri founded MYOS. “It was such an exciting story, and I’d always enjoyed working with Bob, so I said yes—I thought it was an exciting opportunity,” says Dariani.

Dariani has been involved in the conception, development and approval of several pharmaceutical products sill on the market today. Find out why Dariani says MYOS products are, by far, the best in their category and what makes them different from the rest of the products on the market today in this edition of “Why MYOS?” on our YouTube channel.