Why MYOS? One-on-One With MYOS General Counsel Jon Fallon

In conclusion of our “Why MYOS?” video series, we get an insider’s look at the intellectual property aspect of MYOS from general counsel Mr. Jon Fallon. An intellectual property value specialist. Fallon emphasizes the importance of ongoing meetings with the MYOS team of scientists in order to file patents at the time of concept in order to insurance intellectual property protection for all of MYOS’s assets. Pleased with the company’s aggressive intellectual property strategy, Fallon shares, “Growth stage companies are exciting from an intellectual property standpoint because most of the work we’re doing is speculative, but it comes to life when we get that proof of concept.”

Find out what exciting developments Fallon says will be commercially set in motion over the next 24 months in this exclusive one-on-one video on our YouTube channel.