MYOS Chairman Robert Hariri to speak at 2014 BIO Convention During Scientific American Super Session

MYOS Chairman Dr. Robert Hariri will be speaking during the Scientific American WorldView Super SessionBiotech: We are the World-todayat the BIO International Convention in San Diego, California. This event will explore key themes from Scientific American's annual biotechnology edition, featuring the worldVIEW Scorecard and fresh perspectives on international life science development. As part of his work with Human Longevity, Inc., Dr. Hariri will be speaking on how medical innovation in the fields of cancer and stem cell therapeutics can save money and save lives.

Below is a quote from Robert Hariri, MYOS Corporation Chairman, highlighted on page 17 of the 2014 Scientific American worldVIEW:

"I believe biotechnology can solve many of the problems facing the world in the 21st century. Medical innovation will deliver effective treatments and cures for lethal diseases like cancer and help add high-quality years to people's lives. With transformational technologies like synthetic biology, we now have the tools to engineer various productsby using the natural synthetic apparatus of living cellsthat can solve many of the world's problems, from the production of food to producing medicines to producing hydrocarbons as an energy source. The big payoff is that this is a path to economic stability and ultimately, prosperity."

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