Scientific American worldVIEW Includes MYOS Sponsor Feature “Staying Strong"

We are excited to sponsor the 2014 edition of Scientific American worldVIEW: A Global Biotechnology Perspective, which was unveiled this week at the 2014 BIO International Conference in San Diego, California.

Sarcopenia and the importance of muscle health are the key topics in the MYOS Corporation sponsor feature, "Staying Strong," included on pages 8-9 of the issue and also available online here. Highlighting the story of 94-year-old track and field athlete Olga Kotelko, "Staying Strong" discusses the importance of muscle as it relates to the prevention of sarcopenia, a degenerative loss of lean skeletal muscle mass, quality, and strength associated with aging, which can increase the risk of frailty, physical disability, declining quality of life and potentially death. Click here to read the complete article online.